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mAry`S siiTe<3*

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Sh0ut 0utS

If I forgot you i am so sorry! tell me and i will make you one!

Katelynn*- I love you you negative loner.. I couldnt live with out you hunn! ur everything to me! lolz. so many memZ beb. Thank you so much for the chocolate milk. we totally should have bought one of those chairs! those were HOT! haha! OMG you are the greatest person ever. We are never ever going to get a divorce ;) thats was the greatest day ever Fred/George. Ur walkie talkies are so much fun. We still havent had our dance party with LiZ! ha. Lets watch Jimmy Neutron! yeah! your dad is the funniest guy ever! lets have a Samara slumber party.. or Samara find the tool box! haha so many memories,. I CANT BELIEVE UR NOT COMING TO FLORIDA THIS YEAR!8o| waah! member that time we met in Florida that was so scary, n weird! I luv you to death and i would die with out u! never lv me chickkee. x0x0x0x0x X for ever and always and the most there will be and eternity! haha! LUV YA! <3  bf4eaeaeaeaeae husband/wife ;)
Siobhan*- If you put one more watermelon in that bag you are going to have to pay for that. So many laughs together! ur the greatest. We are so stupid the pizza couldnt be delieverd so I made my dad go pick it up! haha nooo all the candy was gone.. SHAD ATE IT ALL! grrr. haha. we miss our brothers. waah! member the cup at katies house! that was the sickest thing that i have ever seen and then her mom cleaned it out! yucky. we put it infront of the bathroom and ewwwwwww. i dont even want to think about it!and then FAT PEOPLE with katie. I lov you Siobhan i cant live without you. (member mr sticky!) so many great times hun! i luv you so much u dont understand ;) x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 X foreva! <3 ya beb bf4eaeaeae
Aleesa *- ur hot.. taking sometime to write tonz!  ; )
Katie Wight*- THE PEENESS! I can never forget that day. You didnt even realize what u were saying! OMG u r the funniest person ever! i love u so much.. ur always there when im done and u bring me up. i luv u for that!FAT PEOPLE 'said siobhan' and then we both reached for her pop to give it to her! that night was the funniest time ever. I am always here for you. have fun at HOOTERS w. becky! haha! ADAM PIPER IS THE SICKEST KID EVER. I lov you hunni and im always here for you.<3 lov ya x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 X an eternity
bf4eaeaeaeaeaeaeaeae ur the greatest!
Liz(beth) *- We are on a winning streak. That was a great day.. Thnx for cooking for me. lolz that was some goooood pizza! mmm ur a horrible cook;) and then i saved u from that sidewalk plow. Mr parniak the reason we were late was ebcause lizes stove caught on fire and Liz kate and i had to be firepeople and put it out and i had to go put on my firefighters costume so i could be a REAL fire fighter!lolZ. So many memz liz its so hard to call u elizabeth now! haha :P lov ya<3 ur AWESUM muahaha!;) x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0x0 bf4eaeaeaeaeaeaeae
Kendra *- member the time that we wore our jills home from ringette for every game! Becca wouldnt join us !:( haha hotel tag with the walkie talkies! we are so mature!:P we have to have our hey yeah party! with katie and me and you and becca and kelsey! haha thatll be the greatest . dont forget ur ringette stick! itll be a real party! haha! luv ya hurricane! x0x0x0! bf4eaeaeaeeaeae!
Tasha *- You thought dairy queen was this way > and i said no its this way< so u had to go ask the guy in lucky lennys!:D haha i was right :P oh yeah go me go me! eww member those guys in there short shorts. they were like 50 yr s old and they were biking in spandex and stuff!:P yuckers!

You guys R AWSUM ;) yeah!

THnx for visiting my site! hope u like it.